LG V20 review

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Introduction If the LG V20 was a superhero – and we’re not convinced that it’s not – its superpower would be to have two of everything (or more!). Two screens, two cameras, four DACs, two apps on the screen, the list goes on and on. The LG V20 is an exploration into the future of […]



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LG brought its A-game to MWC 2016. The LG G5 is a proper head-turner with its always-on display and modular add-on concept. The handset is also big in the camera department, bringing two separate shooters with different fields of view, allowing for zooming action and some cool effects. And while the G5 is definitely worth […]


LG G5 vs G4 vs. iPhone 6s vs. GoPro

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One thing is for sure, LG didn’t play it safe – the LG G5 turned V10’s dual-camera setup 180°. Unlike previous dual-camera setups, this one allows users to capture photos with a traditional FoV, wide-angle shots or both at the same time. We did an impromptu shootout with both G5 cameras, pitting them against various […]


LG G3 vs. HTC One (M8)

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Introduction How do you compare phones that are so different – the LG G3 and HTC One (M8) barely have a common feature between them. As we found out though, even different specs can create a similar user experience, it’s more than just a numbers game. LG G3 vs. HTC One M8 Going into this […]